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Why isn’t the compass working?
Make sure that under “Settings -> Location Services -> System Services (scroll down)” the setting “Compass Calibration” is On.

What does the Shadow value mean and how do I use it?
Shadow shows a ratio that can be multiplied by a height to get the shadow length. For instance, when the sun is at 45-degrees it casts a shadow ratio of 1. If your subject was 6-feet tall they would cast a 6-foot shadow. At 14-degrees, the sun casts a 4 ratio which means that your 6-foot subject would cast a 24-foot shadow.

Will Focalware work on an iPod Touch?
Yes. Focalware uses wifi to get your current location. You can also manually set locations using the integrated map. Once your location list is set you can use the application anywhere in the world without having an Internet connection.

Does Focalware require an Internet connection?
No. All of the sun position calculations are done within the application. The only thing you could use an Internet connection for is to use Location Services to get your current lat/lon position if your device doesn’t have GPS.

Does Focalware support daylight savings time?
Focalware uses Apple’s time zone system. All you have to do is pick the general time zone from the list and the daylight savings is automatically calculated for you based on the date you are using for your calculations.

Are you planning to release Focalware for the BlackBerry or Android?
Not at this point.

Why does Focalware show “N/A” in moon mode on certain days?
Focalware uses the date input to determine the rise-time for the moon and then shows the range from rise to set adding a “+” to the time if the set happens on the next day. About once a month, the moon doesn’t rise within that day – it rises around 11pm on the previous day and around 12am on the following day. So while the moon is up on that day, you have to use the previous date to see it. If you are using Focalware to calculate moon position in the extreme north or south parts of the world, you will also see “N/A” when the moon doesn’t show at all.

Why doesn’t the compass work when my iPhone 3GS is in airplane mode?
The iPhone disables GPS when airplane mode is on. Focalware uses the compass in True-North mode which requires the GPS to get your location so that it can adjust for magnetic declination.

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